Narratives bring us to new worlds. Be it through drama, action, puppetry, comedy or documentary; here are some of the stories I've told so far. 

Concept Artwork from  The Super Best Friends

Concept Artwork from The Super Best Friends


SBF is an action-adventure, comedy-driven animated series celebrating the energy and power of the electronic dance music world. The story centers on the six silly friends discovering a mirror reality known as the "Funk Realm", where they transform into super powered Fuzzy Bunnies and battle against the nefarious nightmare kitty who is trying to destroy the universe. Yeah... It's that crazy. 

Still from You Wanna Pizza Me?

Still from You Wanna Pizza Me?

You Wanna Pizza Me? (Comedy Short)

Three early thirties women spend another Sunday evening together; the effects of age, motherhood and built up bitterness finally take their toll. This short comedy film was the first production run in Atlanta's Film It 4 Fun Initiative, incubating and creating original work with artists throughout the SouthEast.  Collaboration with Highwire Comedy.

SHENANDOAH : Theatrical Trailer

shenandoah (Cultural film)

Shenandoah is a dramatic war epic that recounts the many war-changing battles of the Shenandoah Valley during the American Civil War.  The film features full scale dramatic reenactments shot on historical battlefields throughout the region. 

Friends to the End : Still

Friends to the End : Still

friends to the end (short film)

Friends to the End is a surrealist drama combining dark comedy, philosophy and puppetry. Our protagonist Bobby is a middle-aged under-achiever stuck at a dead end job, with a family who doesn't appreciate him. Luckily, his childhood imaginary friend Max is able to offer him guidance to turn his life around.

64 Over 8 : Theatrical Trailer

64 over 8 (TV pilot)

64 over 8 is an unconventional comedy about an eclectic group of extras struggling to make it in the entertainment industry. Following the adventures of "the gang", the show explores obstacles of set life from the bottom up. It is currently streaming on Amazon Studios. 

ALPHA : Theatrical Trailer

ALPHA (short film)

ALPHA is a sci-fi martial arts film following three genetically modified subjects pitted against one another in a fight to the death. Orchestrated by an unnamed doctor and his Artificial Intelligence "N.U.R.S.E.", Subjects Echo, Beta, and Delta realize that in this experiment, only one can be the new ALPHA.

Dead Men : Still

Dead Men : Still

dead men (short film)

Dead Men is a neo-western thriller shot entirely in natural light in and around Arabia Mountain, Georgia. Only three men remain on a journey through the wilderness to deliver their parts of a mysterious message. En route to a safe house in the north, they are pursued by a man know as the Hunter, who wants the message for his own.

Recovery : Teaser Trailer

Recovery (feature documentary)

Matthew Faulkner gives us the story of a traumatic car accident and brain injury that changed his life forever. The story is both heart wrenching and inspirational, and speaks to the broad human question, "How do we move on?" Today Matthew is a spokesperson for traumatic brain injury recovery nation-wide. 

Before Christmas : Short Film

Before Christmas (Short film)

A collaboration with Future Self Productions, a team of inspirational puppeteers, this film combines drama, puppetry, and the holiday spirit. An old widower finds friendship in the most unlikely of company on Christmas Eve. Spending the entire night with a homeless man known only as Santa, the old man comes to realize the meaning of letting go.

Let Them Have Their Way : Clip

let them have their way (Narrative feature)

An experimental remix epic that spanned five years of production. Three couples search for connection, meaning, and happiness in the modern world. Uniquely combining a surreal narrative with hundreds of clips of found footage, the film takes viewers on a journey through the sights and sounds of consumerism, advertising, and self-help culture. The result is a highly innovative remix film blending fiction and documentary while pushing the limits of Fair Use as rarely seen before.