Friends to the End


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Narrative Short   |  Puppet Dramedy  |  2017


Friends to the End is a genre bend; a narrative comedy-drama utilizing puppetry and surrealism. The film was shot entirely on location in Atlanta, Georgia with a 150+ person cast and crew, and premiered at the Global Film Conspiracy Event Summer 2017. 


Bobby is a middle-aged under-achiever stuck at a dead end job, with a family who doesn't appreciate him. Luckily, his childhood imaginary friend Max is able to offer him guidance to turn his life around.


Written and Directed by Ryan Monolopolus. Produced by Michael Kam, Nina Marinov. Production Designer Naomi Smith. Director of Photography Josh Saideman.  Music by Siete, Kelsey Woods, Kenny Lambert. 


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All dreams have to come to an end at some point...
— Bob, friends to the end