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Feature Documentary   |   Bio / Medical Documentary  |  2014


A young man's inspirational story of recovery from what many thought would be an irreversible coma. Left with severe brain damage, Matthew Faulkner struggles to cope with his disabilities, determined to regain his sense of purpose in life. The film was shot over a 4 year period and premiered in Matt's hometown of Buffalo, New York. 


Matthew Faulkner gives us the story of a traumatic car accident and brain injury that changed his life. In March of 2009, his senior year of high school, Matt was in the back seat of a car when the vehicle he was riding in was T-boned by a pickup truck, leaving Matt in a several month-long coma. Matt was unconscious for weeks on end, with doctors unsure if he would survive and at risk of being pulled from life support. Luckily Matt was Mercy Flighted from the scene of the accident to Erie County Medical Center, where he would eventually regain consciousness, and relearn to speak, walk, and even drive again. Matt has no memory of the incident, thusly the documentary is a collaboration of interviews with Matt, his family, doctors and medical experts, nurses, friends, and all who were involved and touched by Matt's "miracle" recovery.


Directed and shot by Ryan Monolopolus. Featuring Matthew Faulkner. A collaboration of Mono Productions, Mercy Flight WNY and Erie County Medical Center. 


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And then suddenly, my life changed forever.
— Matthew Faulkner, Recovery
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