Before Christmas

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Narrative Short   |   Dramatic Holiday Puppet Film  |  2013


This holiday drama focuses on an unnamed elderly man, portrayed by a puppet, who finds himself alone on Christmas eve. Beguiled by the loss of someone very close to him, the old man struggles to find his place in the world- only to make the most unusual of friends in the process. The film was co-produced by Future-Self Productions and Monolopolus Productions for the Holiday 48 Hour Film Fest in NY where it won six awards, including Audience Choice Awards and Best Director.


An old widower finds friendship in the most unlikely of company on Christmas Eve. Spending the entire night with a homeless man known only as Santa, the old man comes to realize the meaning of letting go.


Written and directed by Ryan Monolopolus. Produced by Trevor Boyd and Jeremy Cournyea. Puppetry by Future Self Productions, Adam Kreutinger and Cameron Garrity. Director of Photography Brandon Zarbo.  


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Its always before Christmas, that I remember how much you meant to me.
— Old man, Before Christmas
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