The Super Best Friends

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Animated Series   |  Comedy / Action-Adventure  |  TBD


In this high energy, action-adventure comedy series a group of friends venture to an Electronic Dance Music Festival where they discover a place known as the  "funk realm". They transform into super powered Fuzzy Bunnies, using positive vibes to battle an evil kitty warlord trying to destroy the universe. This animated show is visual eye candy, it's a world  where "funkergy" is a mystical force that rules the space-funk-continuum, where silliness trumps logic, and where having the bravery to be your weirdest self always reins supreme.  The show also features collaborations with a number of major Electronic Dance Music artists and icons.  More info coming soon! 


In a mysterious world of unbalanced energies, a quirky group of super best friends unite. Together, they harness the ancient power of funk to battle the dark with the light.


Show Runner : Ryan Monolopolus, Creative Producer : Hamid Thompson

Inspired by the real Super Best Friends : Ryan Monolopolus, Hamid Thompson, Liam Day, Jessica Williams, James Ortiz and Larry McDonald. 

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Guys, we have to FUNK HARDER!
— James, The Super Best Friends
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