Let Them Have Their Way

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Experimental Feature   |  Remix Dark Comedy  |  2015


Three couples search for connection, meaning, and happiness in the modern world. Uniquely combining a surreal narrative with hundreds of clips of found footage, the film takes viewers on a journey through the sights and sounds of consumerism, advertising, and self-help culture. The result is a highly innovative remix film blending fiction and documentary while pushing the limits of Fair Use as rarely seen before. The film shot on over 50 Unique locations over 5 years with hundreds of actors involved to achieve the feat. 


Let Them Have Their Way is a social commentary on human interaction in contemporary, advanced industrial life. The film's characters try to navigate a world in which inflexible rationality, social indifference, maximized productivity, and programmatic living interfere with simple human desires and emotional expression. Surrounded by mass media, consumerism, and interest groups who exhaust human emotions with trivial and self-serving information, the characters express their longings in seemingly irrational ways.


Written and Directed by Dien Vo. Produced and 2nd Unit Directed by Ryan Monolopolus. Co-produced by Matthew Vigil. 


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Can you ever really know anyone?
— Model Woman, Let Them Have Their Way
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