Ryan Monolopolus

I Tell Stories. 

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Hello, I'm Ryan. 

I'm a film & commercial director. 

I have always been fascinated by the art of storytelling; it’s a craft that links our ancestral curiosities to our modern tech-centric world. I began telling my own stories by shooting films as a kid in Buffalo, New York. Since then, I have been constantly exploring and perfecting my craft of filmmaking. My genuine curiosity for my subjects (and subject matter) is what drives my passion to create.

Artistically my approach is simple: (1) to understand and connect with the subject,  (2) to transfer that to the audience through images that cause viewers to think and engage by (3) always putting the story first. 

As a filmmaker I have had the opportunity to engage with powerful individuals, narratives and brands to help bring their stories to the world. Over the past seven years I have traveled internationally creating powerful and compelling media. I am a playful, positive individual and I funnel that positive energy into my work, which is truly my passion.

Everyone has a story. What's yours?

Be well, 



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Freelance Director with RiTE Media


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USA & Europe

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Favorite films
1) Three Colours: Rouge


3) Up

3) Goodfellas

4) Moonlight

5) Interstellar

6) The Lord of the Rings trilogy

7) The Wrestler

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