Ryan Monolopolus

Director | Storyteller

On set of GROBB in fall 2018.

On set of GROBB in fall 2018.

On stage for the premiere of the TV pilot  64 Over 8 .

On stage for the premiere of the TV pilot 64 Over 8.

On set directing  Shenandoah  in fall of 2016, Winchester Virginia.

On set directing Shenandoah in fall of 2016, Winchester Virginia.

I was born and raised in the small city of Buffalo, NY; it was there that I developed a passion for storytelling. In 2011 I launched a boutique production company, Mono Productions, and shortly thereafter graduated with a degree in Media Production and Sociology from SUNY Buffalo.  I headed straight to Russia and Ukraine for a stint, and have been traveling and making films ever since. 

I'm a "people person", I love what I do, and I truly believe media has the power to change the world. My primary work is in writing / content development, directing narrative content, and leading teams. I have a mission to bring positive energy both on and off set to whatever project is at hand.

My major work includes the Sci-fi narrative GROBB (2018), the feature doc Recovery (2014), the TV Pilot 64/8 (2016)the American Civil War epic SHENANDOAH (2017), the human puppet drama Friends to the End (2017), Action Directing for Migos music videos (2017) and two pilots for Playstation TV. Commercially I have collaborated with some of the world's leading brands including Converse, Reebok, PGA Tour, World Organization, Act on Climate, Rescue Me! and many more. Internationally, I have directed and produced a series of educational films for HARDSKILLS, a global startup in Berlin, Germany.  

My work has been distributed worldwide, commercials nationally broadcast, and I'm grateful to have been awarded at several festivals and events for my work; including Best Director at the Holiday 48 Hour Film Festival in NY and Best of Show at the 2016 Indie Film Loop. I am the co-founder for Film it 4 Fun, an artists collective in Atlanta, GA. Above all I have been able to merge my passions in the media/entertainment industry that all converge under one life mission: To tell powerful, unique and engaging stories to the world. In 2018 I became a freelance director with RiTE Media Group in Atlanta and with Digital Luz in NYC.  

In 2014 I launched an action design company On Camera Combatives, which has trained more than 2500 actors and performers in its first year of operation in fight movement for film. In that same year I joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) after my appearance on the TV Pilot The Grand Prince of MoscowSince then I have been performing stunts and action design on shows like MacGyver, Queen of the South, The Walking Dead and more. 

What else... well I travel often, am mildly conversational in four languages, and am learning how to juggling. I am a former member of the USA sports martial arts team, and teach and train Filipino Martial Arts, all while trying to be the most authentic and inspired human I can be. 

I am currently based on the East Coast of the USA but travel for work often. To check out my full resume and CV click here

Cheers and be well,